1.01.0 Murder at the Grange

Date: 1st of Gathaksis 1349 (5)

Olki Arena

Upon her arrival to Corenthal, Danilor befriends Josan Almiks, a half-farrugh wizard. Josan is a good acquaintance with local burgesses Pijyr and Saby, and is able to get Shiela, Danilor's friend from Caphal Isle employ at their construction business. Today, Josan has taken Danilor to Olki Arena to watch the local aristocrats show off their riding techniques in various horse competitions. There are races, jumping, steeple chases and even jousting. The festivities early on are somewhat delayed by the late arrival of a particular noble named Sir Rendol Nyrel. Josan frowns. Rendol is a particularly troublesome young fellow. Born into priviledge, he is reckless, wild, and dangerously charming. He takes full advantage of his station in life and those beneath him. Josan and Danilor watch as Rendol and his rowdy associates scurry to get him geared up and ready. He is accompannied by three friends (Dachek Coby, Rojan, and Maikho Thyn), and a young red-haired girl (Myra). His participation in the show is nothing short of performance. Rendol laps up the attention from the crowd, showing off by performing unnecessary tricks and stunts, and generally being the arrogant brat he is. He earns his due by falling from his horse while showing off taking a high jump. He tumbles and rolls across the sawdust. His assistants rush to his aid removing his armour revealing a nasty bruise on his left shoulder, visible even from the stands. A cleric runs out to heal him up and the show continues. Rendol and his buddies laugh it off bragging about how spectacular a wipeout it was. The rest of the show continues without significant event.

The Grange

Since arriving at Corenthal, Shiela has begun working for a burgess named Pijyr, and his wife Saby, who own a construction business. Recently, Prior Pyth of the Corenthal abbey has hired Pijyr to erect a new granary building at the Abbey's grange, a few miles up the Jotham river. Pijyr has sent Shiela to the grange to inspect the site, and finalise the designs. Four brothers lead by Brother Thogo from the monastery accompany Shiela on the trip. Serving not only as escorts, they are sent to relieve the brothers who have been minding the grange for the past month. Currently, the grange is short-staffed. One of the brothers took ill earlier in the week, and returned to Corenthal with another, leaving only two brothers in charge of the grange. Lay-brothers and hired hands from the nearby thorpe travel to the grange daily to work, but at night, only the brothers on duty are at the grange. The grange is a cluster of buildings built near the Jotham river in the middle of the abbey's endowment lands. It houses livestock, grain, wool, and stores of food and drink. It is a pleasant early morning as Shiela and the monks approach the grange. The monks begin showing Shiela around the buildings when they notice the main building's door is ajar.
"That's not right" says Brother Thogo.
An unexpected sight greets whoever looks in the grange door.

Corenthal Harbour

Rylan steps off his transport ship in Corenthal Harbour. The docks are a buzz of activity. Ships along the docks are in various states of being loaded and being unloaded. Mooring lines are tossed to a nearby pier from a ship slowly drifting up to the docks. A number of men, dwarves, farrux, and half-orcs are busy filling the pier with cargo from Rylan's ship. The sun is rising over the Talethgy mountais behind the city. The old, small buildings across the street from the docks are a jumble of warehouses, shipping offices, and non-descript shacks. Taller, cleaner, and more impressive buildings can be seen rising up from the slopes of the shore. Making his way into the city, Rylan can hear a greater activity just a couple blocks up the hill from the docks.

The Market

A veritable cacophony makes up the market. If the docks were busy, they no longer seem so. A bustle of people mill about shops and auction stages. Textiles, Produce and livestock dominate the market, but shops of craftsmen, armourers and weaponsmiths, as well as alchemists can be found as well. The people are mainly a mix of humans, halflings, dwarves and farrux. On one of the stages, a slavemaster named Keorkith is auctioning off his slaves. He has six farrux, four half-orcs and two orcs all in chains. The farrux are wearing loincloths, but the half-orcs and orcs are nude. One of the orcs (Dagobras) has a startling shock of red hair and bright green eyes, and a pierced left nostril. The slavemaster is trying to exaggerate the best attributes of his property. This orc is particularly strong as can be seen by the very heavy chains restraining him (MW Iron Chain: hardness 10, 5 hp, Break DC 28. MW Manacles: hardness 10, 10 hp, Break DC 28.). He starts the bidding for the young orc at 25 G. Upon sale, Keorkith offers to castrate the orc for an additional fee of only 1 G.

The Church

Corenthal Cathedral is a large stonework building nestled in the middle of the city. Despite its stone structure, its many windows, arches, buttresses and steep rooves give the building a pleasant, airy feel. Rylan is expected here, and when he arrives he is greeted at the door by a lay-brother who directs him to Father Kasteleo's office. Father Kasteleo interviews the young arrival from Gythalpi, inquiring as to his experiences there, what he studied while in Gythalpi, what he hopes to learn in Corenthal, what he sees as his future in the church. The interview is interrupted as a young brother storms into the office.
"Father, Father… there's been a murder at the Grange!"

The Evidence

Arriving at the Grange with Father Kasteleo and the brother who came to get them, Rylan finds three more monks and a female half-gnome at the site. Dead on the ground, just inside the main building of the grange is Brother Khy. Brother Landem is missing. Also missing is most of the bread, a whole wheel of cheese and a great deal of beer. There are several fresh tracks leading to and from the Grange, in addition to those of the groups who've arrived:

  • Four horses, heading north (DC 8), to the river (DC 13), fording the river (DC 18), West along the river bed (DC 18), north to the road (DC 13)x4, down the road back to Corenthal (DC 13)x3, to the stables at Olki Arena (DC 18).
  • Four horses, coming from the east (DC 8), on the road from the thorpe (DC 13), in the thorpe (DC 18)
  • One human on foot, from the east (DC10), on the road from the thorpe (DC 15), in the thorpe (DC 20), from an elderly woman's house (DC 20)
  • One human on foot, heading east (DC 10), on the road to the thorpe (DC 15), in the thorpe (DC 20), to Sitha's house (DC 20)

It occurs to Shiela that she has a friend in Corenthal with magical ability, who might be able to help solve the mystery.
There are also some older tracks, about 24 hours old.

  • Four horses, heading east (DC 9), on the road to the thorpe (DC 14), in the thorpe (DC 19)
  • Dozens of humans on foot, heading east (DC 10), on the road to the thorpe (DC 15), in the thorpe (DC 20),

The Thorpe

At the Thorpe, brother Landem's mother, Sitha claims not to know where her son is. She claims not to have seen him since a few days ago when he came to the thorpe for a visit (Bluff +2). She seems to be genuinely concerned with her son's whereabouts. Sitha will resist a search of her home. If pressed she may warn that her brother-in-law is a wealthy burgess in Corenthal (Geros Coby). A search of the barn could reveal the following: disturbance in the hay-loft, possibly where somebody has slept recently (DC 12), Scraps of bread and cheese in the barn (DC 18). From the rear of the homestead, tracks might be followed into the woods:

  • One human on foot, leading southeast (DC 10) into the woods (DC 10).

Gathering information in the town, the party will learn some or all of the following information:

  • brother Khy came to the thorpe last night to care for an elderly lady who had taken ill. (DC 10)
  • Two lay brothers stayed late at the grange. (DC 12)
    • Just after sunset, Sir Rendol Nyrel and his friends came to the grange. (DC 15 interviewing the lay brothers)
      • They had been poaching. (DC 20)
      • Brother Landem let them in. (DC 18)
      • Sir Rendol Nyrel and his friends ate the grange's cheese and bread, and drank the beer. (DC 16)
      • They left sometime in the middle of the night; brother Landem sent the lay brothers away shortly after, after getting them to help him clean up. (DC 17)
  • Brother Khy left sometime after midnight and before dawn to return to the grange. (DC 16)
  • Sir Rendol Nyrel and his friends were seen after midnight in the thorpe (DC 14)
    • With Myra (DC 18)
      • Who has red hair. (DC 20)


On the Road

Between Corenthal and the grange, the party may encounter Sir Rendol Nyrel and his friends, Dachek Coby, Rojan, and Maikho Thyn, riding horseback. If inquired about the events at the grange, all three will deny any involvement (bluff DC). Rendol may deny killing Brother Khy (truth!). If so confronted, the band of ne'er-do-wells may try to detain the party.

In the Woods

Upon the group's first visit to the woods, they may come across Pogra, an old man sitting balancing on a board nailed to the top of an upright log. He's widdling a stick into some tool, toy, implement or sculpture. Next to him is a large smoking pile of earth (he's burning charcoal). He knows nothing of the events of the night in question. On all subsequent encounters, (given enough time) he has two smouldering piles (The second contains a hiding brother Landem).

Potential combat Encounters:

  • Black Bear
  • Boar

The Truth

The night of the murder, brother Khy was called into the town to take care of an elderly woman who took ill. He instructed two lay brothers to remain behind with brother Landem to keep watch at the grange that night. Sir Rendol Nyrel and his friends, Rojan, Dachek Coby, and Maikho Thyn had been in the forest poaching. They came to the grange, and brother Landem let them in because Dachek Coby is his cousin. They charmed and intimidated the brothers, carousing, drinking the beer, eating the bread and the cheese. In the middle of the night, they left. Brother Landem and the lay brothers cleaned up, but they couldn't hide the missing food and drink. The lay brothers left. Brother Khy returned late in the night, and discovered the missing goods. While brother Landem explained what happenned, saying that the aristocrat and his friends had barged in, threatened them, and stolen the food, Sir Rendol Nyrel and his friends returned with a girl of easy virtue from the thorpe named Myra. Enraged, brother Khy attacked the intruders. Brother Landem panicked, and hit brother Khy over the head with a shovel, knocking him unconcious. He and the others fled, leaving brother Khy to bleed to death. Sir Rendol Nyrel, his friends, and Myra fled taking a circuitous route, making them late for the morning's tournament. Brother Landem fled to his mother's house, where he slept for a couple hours and ate, later fleeing into the woods. Coming across Pogra in the woods, who informed him he was being searched for, brother Landem told the old man his story, who agreed to hide him under a fake charcoal pile.


Josan Almiks
Sir Rendol Nyrel
Dachek Coby
Maikho Thyn
Father Kasteleo
Prior Pyth
Bishop Phoryn
Brother Thogo
Brother Khy
Brother Landem
Geros Coby

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