Danilor Mathania Atrimis

Female Snow Elf Transmuter

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Danilor has the following goals which she pursues when not otherwise engaged.

Quotes and Favorite Phrases:
What's wrong with playing god? Heck, who put them in charge anyways?
Hybrids are the splice of live.
If I chose to bring life into this world, I will do so from scratch.

Age: 130
Birthday: 21st of Tirgom

Character History: (Just the facts version)

  • First Daughter of Kelantra Atrimis, sired by her late father Envaldune Atrimis.
  • Envaldune was a towering transmuter in the circles of elven high magic
  • He died when Danilor was a young child of the age of 12 at the hands of a Kraken.
  • Kelantra fled the city and raised Danilor in the village she grew up in.
  • Barbarian's attacked the village when Danilor was 34, they kidnapped Kelantra.
  • When Kelantra was recovered by a band of knights she was pregnant with a half breed, who would be named Droderick
  • Droderick is a promising warrior-mage to the south, he has limited but amiable contact with Danilor.
  • Since reaching adulthood Danilor has made every effort to follow in her father's footsteps.
  • She is outwardly very sensual, mostly to manipulate others, but inside has a profound fear of becoming mortal like her mother.
  • Danilor is angry at the gods, and envys them their ability to fashion creatures.

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