Corenthal Sites
1 Baron's Keep
2 Lord's Manor
3 City Hall
4 City Guard
5 Mayoral Residence
6 Courthouse
7 Candlewick Inn
8 Fletcher Inn
9 Adderhead Inn
10 Hermit Crab Inn
11 MG's Place
12 Abigaryth's Tower
13 Militia's Barracks
14 Old Manor
15 Nyrel House
16 City Baths


The largest city in the Cape Corenthal region, Corenthal is an important port for not only the Cape region, but also surrounding regions. The Baron of Cape Corenthal holds his court in Corenthal.


Size: Small City
Population: about 9300
City Rights: Wall right, Market right, Mint right, Citizen rights, Burgess rights, Governance right, Taxation right, Judiciary right.
Demographics: 78% human, 8% farrugh, 6% dwarf, 5% half-orc, 1.6% halfling, 0.8% orc, 0.5% gnome, 0.1% other.
Languages: Tithagry 99%, Maritime Common 60%, Taular 30%, Trade Common 20%, Low Elven 3%, Old Umorit 2%.1
Other Names: Kerainsau (Taular), Koleinsal (Maritime Common), Korengfal (Dwarven), Chorrenthal (Orcish)

Sites and Features

Corenthal Harbour

Corenthal is the gateway to the barony of Cape Corenthal. Most of the barony's imports and exports pass through these waters. Tin and Lead come in from Caphal Isle, spices come in from the south, and textiles come in from the west.

Corenthal Market

The Baron's Keep

Olki Arena

The Amphitheatre

The Cathedral


Baron Gorjum

Baron of Cape Corenthal.

Lord Neldeon

Lord of the City of Corenthal.

Mayor Olki

Elected Mayor by the burgesses of Corenthal 3 years ago. He is a textile importer. Recently oversaw the completion of the new city's arena, bearing his name.


Human mage and advisor to Baron Gorjum of Cape Corenthal.


Mage and associate of Mayor Olki.

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