Combat Statistics: Regular Attacks and Armour Class


Attack rolls are made by adding attack bonuses to a roll on a d20, in order to equal or beat the Armour Class of the target. Regardless of the result, a roll of 1 on the d20 (a natural 1) always misses, and a roll of a 20 on the d20 (a natural 20) always hits. A 20 is also always considered a threat.

Attack Bonus

Your attack bonus is added to your d20 roll to determine if you hit your target. It consists of your base attack bonus, derived from your class, and specific statistical modifiers detailed below. There are two forms of attacks, melee attacks and ranged attacks. On top of the equations so listed, weapon attack bonuses from masterwork or magical weapons or weapon specialisation bonuses may apply as well.

Melee Attack Bonus

An melee attack bonus is calculated as follows:

Base attack bonus + Strength modifier + Dexterity Modifier + size modifier

Ranged Attack Bonus

A ranged attack bonus is calculated as follows:

Base attack bonus + Dexterity Modifier + Wisdom modifier + size modifier + range penalty

Armour Class

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