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  • Charnesh's father's parents died when he was a youth. He travelled to Magnilu for work. There he converted to the worship of Eo. He returned to his village a missionary and founded the somewhat heretical though earnest "First Church of Eo" there.
  • Charnesh's mother's father was a master hunter. He took issue with Charnesh's father's nontraditional beliefs and so Charnesh's maternal grandparents have little to do with him. She died in a fire when Charnesh was young, while preparing a feast for Charnesh's father's return from some missionary work to a nearby village.
  • Charnesh has no siblings.
  • Charnesh was sent to the monastery in Magnilu by his father for education in the faith. His plans for Charnesh were that he would eventually take on the role of priest of his church.

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