1.03 Caution...With a Hint of Ignorence

Location: On the deck of the ship, before beginning the treasure hunt.

Has there been a moment before now, where I saw the world so clearly with my eyes?
-The last words of Enric the Mad, before being killed by his former friend.

Balas sat in the crow’s nest of the ship, staring blankly at the sky. There was no need for someone to keep watch. No ships would come this way, for ships don’t go to the middle of nowhere. Well, normal ships, ships with a set destinations, ships with a legal purpose. Pirate ships go wherever they please. Pirate ships have freedom, to do what they want and ignore any sense of consequence. Or…that’s what Balas had thought when he signed on to join a pirate crew. Perhaps it was a bad idea to have agreed to the first crew who wanted him, to run away as fast as he could from the life of bondage that had claimed fifteen years of his life already.

As his thoughts turned sour, the farrugh slid out from the wooden ‘nest’, working his way down the ropes and back onto the main deck. It was the dead of night, likely the early morning, and only a few sailors were awake for the night watch. This new crew and a band of adv- No, him -and- a band of adventurers had systematically killed off a much more imposing ship’s crew and the captain had run off with his tail between his legs. Even now they were supposed to be sleeping and getting prepared to go off and follow some riddle to the chump’s treasure. Balas could hardly sleep with the events before and behind him, all the blood and steel encircling him like a cage. No, no…not cages. Forget about the cages.

But how am I supposed to decide who lives and who dies? Do I just follow along for the ride with these adventurers or whatever they liked to call themselves?

These people were not that bad, the human, Rylan, was perhaps slightly annoying, but seemed to mean well. There was also the elf, the one who orchestrated the take over of the other ship, luring the sailors who desperately needed water to a gruesome, bloody end. This included a large number kept alive and brought back to port authority. She was smart, really, really smart…but she had a noticeable lack of morality that just irked Balas. She -did- promise him wings though, that would make dealing with her worth while. The gnome seemed…nice, and the orc was quiet. Balas liked quiet people, meant they -think-.

So, he would wait, and maybe one day he can go back home and help all the friends he had to leave behind. Make his mother and father proud of him.

Make his people proud of him.

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