Era of the Titans

The Era of the Titans, for the most part, would be considered prehistory. Time was uncounted, and little to no written records remain. Much is disputed by historians and theologians alike. What follows in this section is what is generally agreed upon by most races and religions, unless otherwise noted.

Age of Creation

Eo created the planes, and most importantly, Pelranar, the Spring of Legends, from which all life was created. With it he created the Titans. The Titans, under his guidance, used the Spring to create all manner of fair flora and fair fauna.
At some point Chaol seizes control of the Spring, whether by inciting rebellion of some of the Titans or by doing so directly is debated. He and his slaves use it to create fell and thorny vines, fell beasts, dragons, and the Dwerro. This instigates the Titan-Dwerro wars. How long the wars lasted is unknown, but it is thought to have been many generations. In the end, there is a great cataclysm, Chaol is imprisonned in the depths of the world and the Spring of Legends is lost.

Age of Wilderness

Not much is known about the age of wilderness. During this time, life is scattered across the Earth. While Chaol is imprisonned, his lieutenant, Skolor, works in the shadows, spreading confusion and darkness, marring the fair and working chaos. At the same time, the other powers work to repair the damage of the cataclysm.

Age of Balisan

In their culmination of their work to repair the world, the powers create the land of Balisan, surrounded by a shining sea. The Titans are invited to live in this land. It is said that many flee the powers, but that some came to live in the paradise of Balisan. From Balisan came the fey creatures who served and attended the powers and the Titans, and also came the first elves, who were made to live forever, to not sadden the powers with their departure to death.
All during this time, Skolor amassed an army of Dwerro and Dragons. They attacked Balisan and destroyed paradise, ending the Age of Balisan and with it, the age of Titans.

Era of Reckoning

So named because the years of the Era of Reckoning were counted, first by the gnomes, second by elves, and finally by dwarves.

Age of Gnorbar GR 1-4247

The sun and moon are set in order to count the days, seasons, and years across the stars of the sky. These are first counted by the gnomes, who first master the crafts of working with wood, stone, and metal. In the 247th year counted, the gnomes, in truce with the giants (descended from the titans who fled Balisan) found Gnor Bor, the great city in the mountains of Agnurvarsia. In the following decades, the gnomes and giants capture and enslave the beings that inhabit the caverns under the mountains to mine and build the great cities of their Empire, which comes to spread to all the mountainous lands that surround the Blue Sea of both Kenamas and Nalbadonas. Gnome magic flourishes. In 936, the mage Zelnourx created the first ioun stones and founded the schools of magic. In 2934 at the dawn of the height of the Empire, the great gnome mage Pirkuran created the great artifacts of Gnorbar, including the greater stones of saeregn and the Starnimmer. At this time, Elvish civilisation begins to flourish alongside the gnomes in Nalbadonas. Eventually, facing competition from the grey elves of Seraldest in Nalbadonas and attacks from underworld Trolls, Ogres, and Kobalds, and in-fighting among the increasingly corrupt Gnomelords, the Empire weakens. Finally, the great slave revolt overthrows the city of Gnor Bor, and the city is sacked and destroyed, 4000 years after its founding. The slaves escape and found the first dwarven civilisations in the mountains of Nalbadonas and Eastern Kenamas.

Age of Seraldest GR 4248-11228, SR 398-7378

When King Hoëndas is crowned the king of all the grey elves in the city of Sirilyxa, the years of his reign become the basis of the grey elf calendar. Thus the first year of the Grey Elven calendar is the 3851st of the Gnomish calendar. During his reign, trade between the dwarves and elves begins, all the while the dwarves still at war with the Gnorbari, eventually destroying their remaining cities and scattering the remaining gnomes into wandering tribes. Hoëndas himself reigns for 2948 years when he is killed by the dwarven lord Dugaur in battle. The age is divided into alternating times of peace and war between the Elves and the Dwarves as competition in the mountain-lands of Nalbadonas is fierce. The elves eventually tire of the conflict, and facing more competition from the ascension of human civilisation, relocate to the land of Manessoran. The year the Elven throne is moved from Sirilyxa to Firendoanon marks the end of this age, 7378 in Elven reckoning.

Age of Neglaukh GR 11229-13341, SR 7379-9491, DR 6983-9095

This is the age of the height of the dwarven kingdoms, as they spread to occupy all the mountains of Nalbadonas and Eastern Kenamas and trade with the human tribes who began to permanently settle in the area. The dwarves count their years starting from their emancipation from slavery During this time, riches of gold and other precious metals, and gems of all kinds are extracted from the mountains. Great quantities of copper and iron were mined as well, and humans quickly learned to craft with metal, leading to the ascension of human civilisations. Eventually the dwarves were outdone by their greed. Some mines dried up, others were plundered by dragons, others conquered by orcs, kobolds, and ogres. The Age of the dwarves ended with the founding of the Umorit Empire.

Era of Mankind

The present Era.

Age of Umorit GR 13342-14515, SR 9492-10665, DR 9096-10269, UR 1107-2280, ER 1-1174

The first human empire spread across all of southern Nalbadonas. The city state of Umorit 1107 years after its founding established the council of Liguur, which formalised its sovereignty over the other human settlements around the White Sea. On the 4th of Idlan, ER 1106, year of the Lotus, Roädan Diegun was born in Ebaroget, prophesied to bring in a new era of elnightenment of mankind. He was assassinated in ER 1137, year of the Vine, throwing the church into disarray. This and the Great Plague of ER 1138 spelled the beginning of the end of the Empire, and the power and influence of the Empire fractured.

The present Age GR 14516+, SR 10666+, DR 10270+, UR 2281+, ER 1175+

The Corenthal Campaign began in ER 1349.

The Starnimmer Campaign began in ER 1362 (4), 10,457 years after the fall of the Gnomish Empire

The Ignierangers Campaign will begin on Sharviat, the 25th of Minteviot, ER 1368 (3) Year of the Vine.

The Devastra's Doom Campaign will begin on Kadrocha, the 4th of Loriessë, ER 1370 (5) Year of the Thistle.

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