Cape Corenthal


This low-lying ridge jutts out into the Caphalgi sea. The waters directly south of the headland are somewhat sheltered from the Caphalgi by the cape and by Reosin island, making a fair haven for the port city of Corenthal, located just to the north of the mouth of the Jotham River.
The name of cape also synecdochically refers to the sloping plains and low hills between the Talethgy mountains and some forty miles of coast to either side of the cape itself.

Sites and Features

The Cape

Cape Corenthal is the end of a low north-facing ridge extending westwards from Ropheog until it breaks at the point of the cape. The cape to an extent shields the harbour of the city of Corenthal behind it, though like a double-edged sword also presents a navigational hazard to those navigating around it, particularly on stormy nights. Though no permanent structure exists, on occasion large bonfires have been built on the ridge at its tip to warn ships of its position.

City of Corenthal

The largest city in the Cape Corenthal region, Corenthal is an important port for not only the Cape region, but also surrounding regions. The Baron of Cape Corenthal holds his court in Corenthal.


The town of Mejyn is the largest inland settlement in Cape Corenthal. Located on the edge of the foothills of the Talethgy mountains some 25 miles south of Corenthal, Mejyn is a secondary centre for trade for residents of the settlements further away from Corenthal.


A small but growing town just 15 miles up the Jotham River from Corenthal.


A small fishing port about 18 miles south of Corenthal.


A small fishing port about 25 miles northeast of Corenthal. Ropheog has a significant Noru population, who name the town Repeu.

Reosin Isle

A small island opposite Corenthal's harbour, Reosin Isle, along with Cape Corenthal, help keep the worst of the Caphalgi sea's storms from the city.

Jotham River

The small river at the mouth of which is built the city of Corenthal.

Emeon River

A small river to the south of Cape Corenthal.

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