Calendar and Timekeeping

Samorian Calendar

The Samorian Calendar and its variants are the most widespread across Nalbadonas, and even used on other continents.
It is a combination of a annual solar and monthly lunar calendar repeating in its entirety in a cycle of seven years.

Each month begins on the new moon. Thus, each month is exactly 28 days long, and further divided into four seven-day weeks. The name of the month is derived by the constellation containing the new moon. As such, on occasion, a month repeats itself.
The names of the months are as follows:
Seasons Tithagry names Noruvalon names Maritime common names
Spring Suthlicun Zosliom Sostiaifo
Spring Idaljis Idaugiz Ithâihi
Spring Toliphsun Telipsom Tayaiso
Summer Gathaksis Quasaepiz Gâstâspi
Summer Tirgom Tirguemb Tilva
Summer Dathmirl Dasmiur Thâstmil
Fall Khythpi Whusqui Dust
Fall Agruthgom Aeruos Ahlostva
Fall Masklon Maezlen Mâja
Fall Oglemir Eiluaemir Oshemil
Winter Coglenthil Heiluaensiu Kashensti
Winter Idlan Idlam Aithia
Winter Glythmarl Luüsmaur Shustmal

The Seven-year Cycle

Year 1: Oak Year 2: Rose Year 3: Vine Year 4: Cedar Year 5: Thistle Year 6: Fig Year 7: Lotus
Months Suthlicun Suthlicun Suthlicun Suthlicun Suthlicun Suthlicun Suthlicun
Idaljis Idaljis Idaljis Idaljis Idaljis Idaljis Idaljis I
Toliphsun Toliphsun Toliphsun Toliphsun Toliphsun Toliphsun Idaljis II
Gathaksis I Gathaksis Gathaksis Gathaksis Gathaksis Gathaksis Toliphsun
Gathaksis II Tirgom I Tirgom Tirgom Tirgom Tirgom Gathaksis
Tirgom Tirgom II Dathmirl Dathmirl Dathmirl Dathmirl Tirgom
Dathmirl Dathmirl Khythpi Khythpi Khythpi Khythpi Dathmirl
Khythpi Agruthgom Agruthgom Agruthgom Agruthgom Agruthgom Khythpi
Agruthgom Masklon I Masklon Masklon Masklon Masklon Agruthgom
Masklon Masklon II Oglemir Coglenthil Coglenthil Coglenthil Masklon
Coglenthil Coglenthil Coglenthil Idlan I Idlan Idlan Coglenthil
Idlan Idlan Idlan Idlan II Glythmarl I Glythmarl Idlan
Glythmarl Glythmarl Glythmarl Glythmarl Glythmarl II Glythmarl
Vernal Equinox 12th of Idaljis 8th of Idaljis 4th of Idaljis 28th of Suthlicun 24th of Suthlicun 20th of Suthlicun 16th of Idaljis I
Summer Solstice 18th of Gathaksis II 14th of Tirgom I 10th of Tirgom 6th of Tirgom 2nd of Tirgom 26th of Gathaksis 22nd of Gathaksis
Autumnal Equinox 24th of Khythpi 20th of Agruthgom 16th of Agruthgom 12th of Agruthgom 8th of Agruthgom 4th of Agruthgom 28th of Khythpi
Winter Solstice 2nd of Idlan 26th of Coglenthil 22th of Coglenthil 18th of Idlan I 14th of Idlan 10th of Idlan 6th of Idlan
  • Year 2 of the cycle has no month of Khythpi.
  • Year 3 of the cycle has a month of Oglemir; no other year of the cylce has this month1

The New Year

In some places, New Year's Day is observed on the first of Idaljis (I). In this case, most years have 364 days, except for the sixth year of the cycle, which only has 336.
In other places, New Year's Day is observed with the Vernal Equinox, giving each year exactly 360 days. In this system, years 4 through 6 of the cycle begin with Suthlicun I, years 1, 2, and 6 end with Idaljis II, and year 7 of the cycle ends with Idaljis III.
This causes some discrepancies in records of events and dates between the first of Idaljis and the vernal equinox occuring in different places.

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