The Blue Sea


The Blue Sea separates the continent of Nalbadonas to the north from Kenamas to the south. It is divided naturally into three parts, mainly by the island of Karalii located in the middle of the Blue Sea. The West Blue Sea, the South Blue Sea, and the East Blue Sea.


The Blue Sea is home to many nations of Sahuagin, as well as a nation of Merfolk in the northern Blue Sea.

Marginal Seas

Marginal seas and other bodies of water associated with the Blue Sea.

The White Sea

The White Sea is connected to the Blue Sea by the strait of Belberan.

Tasisk Bay

Tasisk Bay connects the land of Anvasùn to the Blue Sea

Green Sea

The Green Sea is connected to the Blue sea by the straits of Viung.


Islands of the Blue Sea not associated with either Nalbadonas or Kenamas


Centrally located in the Blue Sea, the island of Karalii has a history of habitation dating back to Gnorbaran times.

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