Beryl Morgan
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Beryl Morgan is a 23 year old human Gemologist born 7 Egwessorasse-I 1146 (sign of the Rabbit) in the city of Devastra within the nation of Nazuve. Beryl is apprenticed to his only parent, Malachi Morgan, within their family business Morgan Magic Jewels. Beryl has begun learning the Morgan family secret methodology of imbuing gems with magic spells so as to entice potential customers with the promise that their hand-crafted jewelry can provide a specific magical benefit. What customers don't tend to realize is the magic effect is spent after that first demonstration, but the placebo effect has resulted in many a happy customer and the Morgan name has been heard from the mouths of the Devastran wealthy merchant class and even nobility! Beryl realizes he must train hard to reach his father's level of skill so he can continue to elevate the Morgan name even further!

Character Sheets

Beryl level 1


Beryl's only surviving father, the famed Devastran jeweler and proprietor of Morgan Magic Jewels, was knifed to death in a dark alley one night. Beryl was called to the scene by the Devastran Guard to identify the body, and as rough as that was for him, he also noticed the Morgan family heirloom ring was missing from the body. Whoever murdered his father stole that ring—he's convinced of it. Beryl has done some investigation on his own and recently found the ring for sale at a local merchant. Although, to his great frustration, he can’t afford yet to buy it back, the merchant did tell Beryl from whom he purchased the ring: a man named Griedas Ulám. It seems likely this criminal is the one who killed Beryl's father, or at the very least knows who did. The only problem is finding him…

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