Balas, son of two Farrugh slaves, born in the port town of Rumies, was often considered a cursed child. The owner of the two slaves, a profitable business man who owned a good portion of the shipyards, killed Balas’ father as soon as he found out he had sired a child. Not having the stomach to kill neither child nor mother he kept them both on staff, putting the mother to extra work to make up for her now dead husband. As a child Balas stole what he could lay his hands on: coins, rings, anything small that he could hide behind the small shack the slaves lived in, buried into the ground until he could sneak out at night to buy more food and medicine for his fellow slaves. More than a few times he was caught by one of the guards or by the business man himself. Even after being savagely beaten more than three times, for even still the owner had not the heart to kill him, he continued to steal and sneak out.

Then came Balas’ thirteenth summer, he had been caught for the fourth time off the owner’s land. Balas had stolen a ring that the owner had planned on using to woo a woman he had been trying to court. To the man’s embarrassment he discovered the ring missing when he had finally managed to coerce the lady into the bed chambers. Dragged into the manor, body sore from the beating he had just taken, Balas was presented to the lord and lady, the guard explaining what he had found on the Farrugh and giving the ring back to Balas' owner. The lord tried to explain, beg forgiveness from the lady who his heart did ache for, but it fell on deaf ears. For despite Balas being of an ‘inferior’ race, the lady was quite smitten by the dashing Farrugh. Adding insult to the injury the even bent down to ask if he was alright.

Then, and only then, did the owner’s heart resolve to kill the slave who had been a thorn in his side since the day he was born.

Drawing the heirloom rapier that had been in his family for generations, he attacked Balas. Only really understanding that his life was in danger Balas bolted away from the now scarred woman, managing to fight back with a candlestick. The specific details of Balas’ escape change with each retelling, ranging from a meek escape with his tail between his legs, to killing the ship lord with his own weapon and running off into the night, buxom lover in tow. His only evidence to support his claim is a very ornate looking rapier that he uses to this very day.

Despite the dubious story of escape, he eventually found his way onto a pirate ship, finding work as a bilge rat. His very low stamina was often made up for by being excellent at helping with pillages and bargaining with suppliers, although his help was rarely wanted beyond the bilge pump.


Balas is a thin, gaunt faced farrugh. His dirty blonde hair goes down to his shoulders, covering his folded ears. His face seems to be perpetually dirty, ice blue eyes piercing out from the grime. He often wears clothes in a vain attempt to hide his elongated neck, as well as hiding his unadorned tail by sliding it into his pant leg. His makeshift disguises usually come apart as he often forgets entirely about them.

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