Anvasùn is a region in Western Nalbadonas consisting of the lands around the Tasisk Bay and south of the Majeno mountains. It is northwest of Luosim, East of Lundoje and south of Tanafi and Ignieré.

Sites and Features

Onaru Peninsula

The Onaru peninsula is a heavily forested land that divides western Tasisk Bay from the Blue Sea.

Melgar hills

The Melgar hills divide Anvasùn into a Western and Eastern region, in a rise descending from the Majeno mountains in the north into a peninsula in the middle of Tasisk Bay.


Vimuin is a large city on the Onaru peninsula and an important port on Tasisk Bay.


Obeg is metropolis in Western Anvasùn.


Domar is a large city in Eastern Anvasùn near the borders of Ignieré.


Originally a colony of Luosim, Enkielond has since been usually under Anvasùnese influence. It is situated at the mouth of the Puon river where it empties into an Eastern arm of Tasisk Bay

Neighbouring Regions

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