Agnurvarsia is an expansive mountainous peninsula located in northwestern Kenamas. Agnurvarsia is bounded on the east by the Blue Sea, on the North by the Strait of Oltekt, on the west by the Oülessem Ocean and to the south it joins the rest of the continent of Kenemas. It was the centre of the ancient Gnorbaran Empire, which once extended across northern Kenamas and southern Nalbadonas, governing the entirety ofthe Blue Sea. Since its collapse, the region was largely abandonned to the wilderness and giants. In the last two hundred years, in the prosperity following the great plague, new colonisation inroads of Olveans, Luosans, and some Enduazzians have taken root, with various levels of success, and explorations of the region have unearthed ancient relics and artefacts of the once great Gnorbaran Empire.

Regions and Features


This northernmost region of Agnurvarsia is the region most colonised by Olveans, and includes the very successful colony of Magnilu.


This mountainous regioun of Agnurvasia connects Selubia with the rest of Agnurvarsia to the south, via the Pilorrean Isthmus. The Bolusu mountains extend a peninsula eastward into the Blue Sea, whose northern coast is colonised by Luosans. Of note are the port city of Atsogop and the cliff-top city of Kiereskolum.


Once the central region of the Gnorbaran Empire, Osului is now an expansive wilderness, dominated by giants. Its main features are its northern plains, its western coast, the central Gnorboran Mountains, and the Tsørbar Uplands in the east.

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