A Not So Simple Plan

"Okay", says Melgar, oblivious as to whether any of his comerades are listening. "We need to get to this devil/demon/thing and remove it from power. The way to see the ruler of any community is to be led there, 'take me to your leader' style, but why would he want to see us? What would he be interested in knowing. Obviously, news of the outside is unimportant, or he wouldn't have sealed himself up here so well. If we walk up and say 'we're from out of town' he'll probably have us killed on sight. If he knew of a townsperson who had some contact with the outside, however, he'll probably want to know how, so he can plug the leak."

Melgar thinks about this and falls into a sort of trance. Serious thinking usually hurts. His mind starts to wander, and all of a sudden he has a scenario playing out in his mind. Rutt tracks one of the overseers to his home, and back to the market. He plants a couple of empty scrolls in the overseer's house. Melgar (dressed as a pesant) hides until he sees the overseer get upset about something. As the overseer starts yelling, a small explosion happens in the vicinity of the person he's screaming at. Melgar (having created the explosion) places by telekekesis a wand at the overseer's feet. Melgar makes himself known to the overseer's supervisor or co-worker of his level, claiming he saw the overseer using the wand. As magic is forbidden in this town, the ruler will want to know how this person got hold of a wand, and what else he might be hiding. Melgar will suggest a search of the overseer's quarters, revealing the scrolls, incriminating him further.

Melgar & Rutt would then do whatever necessary to get before the ruler, and then do whatever necessary to remove the ruler. The only question is how to get the ogres in on the action.

He repeats his idea to Aerevor, who responds with an idea involving a glowing owl…

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