1.05 Sexual Predators in the Woods

Location: Woods surrounding the road out of Prugo

I am taking this time to further chronicle the social decay that has run rampant through the once quiet town of Prugo. I originally sought refuge from the busy ears and prying eyes of the Sembalaenan populace as a stranger in this town. I didn't need or want to be greeted with open arms. Thankfully the villagers of Prugo kept to their own business and I to mine. No eyes were cast my way as I made about my business in the streets and yet the air wasn't marred with distrust and fear.

Over the past few months, however, I noticed men leer at me, children whisper harshly and women shut me out of view. Meanwhile the streets at night seem to invite me to partake in the drunken salaciousness as flesh would beckon from the shadows of the unlit alleys. The day and the night are at war in Prugo. The increasingly pious day goers cast judgement while the bawdy night goers cast their hands into each others pockets hungry for coin… or more.

Prugo wasn't safe anymore so I set out for a new home. Little did I know the truly prurient predators had begun to slink through the woods outside the borders of Prugo waiting to feed their lust and their appetites. As I attempted to pass the night just off of the main road out of town, a powerful virile presence sought to envelop me and feed. I sought refuge in the woods but the incubus demon was close on my heels. I would not have escaped with my life had it not been for these travellers and their idiotic pet orc. I am now forced to seek an alliance with the party from Corenthal and offer my services as guide and translator in Taular lands. While they are a highly weary crew, I hope I have earned their trust in my skills both in and out of battle, at least until I make it back to Prugo safely.

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