1.02.1 A Tangled Tapestry

Location: Front Page of the Town Daily Newspaper

Affair Too Hot for Local Couple
Copy from the Corenthal Gazette

It was revealed today that the cause of the mysterious fire in the warehouse three days ago was not so mysterious after all, but human error.

A couple looking for a bit of privacy found things getting a little too hot when they knocked over a lantern, which set fire to some valuable tapestries stowed there.

The investigation was led by the same team of sleuths who uncovered the clues and solved the mystery of the Great Grange Ghost.

Hired by the owner of the warehouse, they were spotted talking to several witnesses over the last few days, and uncovered many interesting facts that were revealed in a big get-together last night.

The sleuths, including Atrimis the Elf, Sheila, Brother Rylan, and an orc in their service named Dagobras, held the meeting at the manor house. Nobody in the meeting has agreed to be directly interviewed, but our sources tell us that the Mayor, the Lord and Sir Rendol were all in attendance, along with several merchants, a couple of prisoners, and even a few commoners.

Allegedly, the detective team uncovered a plot to discredit the Lord by the Mayor and a few of the businessmen, who accuse him of dragging his heels over granting storage rights. Also revealed was a plot by a merchant to have another merchant murdered to stop him from revealing to the authorities that he was financing bandits outside town to waylay the trade goods of other merchants.

A plot to discredit Sir Rendol by insinuating that a young woman in his household is unmarried and with child was also mentioned. In fact, he is caring for this young woman while her suitor is in custody.

While their work has resulted in a safer city for us all by the removal of murderers and thieves from our streets, some are questioning the authority these gumshoes have to investigate the citizens of this city. One person in particular, the owner of the Adderhead tavern, has expressed outrage at their methods and fears the implications of having “unsupervised, un-deputized adventurers acting as agents of the rich.”
He also suspected them of having going down into the catacombs and disturbing the peace of those at rest there, but was unable to provide proof of such.

When asked for a comment, Brother Rylan responded by thumping his drum and saying: “Good works are like drum beats – the more you feel them, the better you feel.”

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