1.02.2 What Ignites Intrigue

Location: Corenthal
Date: 18st of Gathaksis 1349 (5)
During a play starring Rylan and crewed by Dagobras the party notice a plume of smoke from a warehouse fire south of the amphitheater.

Treasure: Dolme promised the party 125 gilders + 25 gp per day + expenses to solve the mystery. They are paid 100 gp for saving the life of Geros Coby. (Danilor returns her share 20 gp of this in disgust) Geros agrees to pay the party 100 gp extra to find who made the attempt on his life.

Signet ring found at entry of sewer: potential evidence

Party finds a 350 guilder silver necklace (on a ghast), it is used to pay the church for a restoration for Rylan the party hopes to reclaim this as an expense.

Treasure from bandits
259 £, 2514 s, 2 groats, 2 crowns, 2 marks, 38 copper bars, 28 brass bars, 6 bronze bars, 1 billon bar, 1 flask acid (total value: 1652 G, 84 p)

reward for bandits
100 G for the head of the dead band leader, 50 G for the head of the dead lackey.

90 gp for signet ring's return to Lord Neldeon.

Net revenue:
2492 G 84 p

Party Members:
Rylan 518 G 56 p
Dagobras 518 G 56 p
Shiela 518 G 56 p
Danilor 498 G 56 p

Party Fund:
568 G, 56 p and 200 lbs of smoked meat in party fund.

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